★ sitemap!! ★

♡ are you lost?? do you need to warp somewhere fast?? ♡

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🩵💾 sitely 💾🩵

homepage - self-explanatory!!
sitemap - you are currently here!!
about wappydog - info about the site, some history + a silly little qna!!
guestbook - leave a little message for me to read??? :o]
credits - things that made my site look AWESOME!!!

🩵💾 personal 💾🩵

about - who's the octoling behind wappydog, you might wonder??
blog - my infodump corner. usually used to jot thoughts down
dream diary - a collection of the dreams ive had
art - my art + animations page. also contains my ocs
shrines - pages dedicated to things i love!!
planet vosidee - shrine dedicated to hebezunet's vosim and dee gijinka... i am normal for them two..... (kinda inactive but it still exists lol)
toybox - all sorts of stuff...

can you guess who's my favourite character?? =^__^= /j