doesnt really know what theyre doing, sorry.


hi!! mah name's val and im a silly little octo who draws and sometimes animates!! if it isnt obvious enough, im the webmaster of this site!! wappydog started off as a silly little thing i started working on back in march '23, but it turned into a epic little hobby of mine and look where we are now lol o^__^o

stupid little things first: im a 17 year old autistic non-binary octolingboything (or whatever) who unfortunately inhabits the place known as britain... i use they/it pronouns, click here for all my labels!! im asexual too which i think is really really really cool as well........
also fun fact!!! i refer to myself as an octoling to help understand my identity, ive always had a huge connection to the octolings, one thats resonates with me deeply..... :Oc


okaaay!! into the art shit, eh??
i'm... mostly a fanartist. sometimes you'll get oc content from me (including dee altair, the wappydog you've been seeing 'round the site!!), but mostly you'll see me drawing things from my favourite medias!! currently, ive been drawing these two chipjinkas, the one on the left is dee klatt (they/them) and the one on the right is vosim (he/they)!!!! one day in april of 2022, my brain decided that those two blorbos would be the only thing i'd think about for the next 300000 years!! even if chipspeech isnt as prominent, they'll forever be in my heart <3

also guess what??? GUESS WHAT!!!!!
my mind's got me obsessed with splatoon & homestuck, and im also slowly falling into the sovereignstuck (PLEOME ALRIUM MY BELOVED!!!!!) rabbit-hole too!!!!! i also was a huge chipspeech fan (i only really interact with it through heb's chipjinks, see above), but that interest has kinda died down a fuck ton. we do not talk about 2022 and 2023.
i also really really enjoy serial experiments lain, pokemon, plushies, anything doggy-related, nintendo 3ds errors, emergency alert systems and many more!! you can see my full interest list here!! (dats mah more professional carrd!!) :]c

okay, now the serious shit.
if yall dont follow me on twitter or tumblr, i struggle a lot with mental issues that im actively trying to sort out.
im a paranoid fuck, i have MASSIVE trust issues, my confidence is literally NON-EXISTENT, im also extremely sensitive to rejection for some reason + i will literally crap my stomach out over doing something simple as drawing fanart or talking to people. anxiety fucking sucks guys!!! i am also trying to get over some serious trauma that spawned in a while ago, and that motherfucking sucks too!!!!! in all seriousness tho if ya wanna befriend me or communicate with me, please be patient with me!! its much appreciated ;__;


SHORT ANSWER: 'cause i wanted to lol
LONG ANSWER: i wanted a site that really represented me. for a long time ive been constantly switching between carrd, rentry, listography and here. no matter what site i'd make for myself, nothing seemed to fit me. my own-made carrds looked ugly, carrd tutorials were the small "aesthetic" ones where it was catered to kpop stans (i use carrd, but its for easier navigation lol), rentry was a little too plain for my taste, listography wasnt quite what i wanted and neocities... i didnt know how to make my site look good.

wappydog isnt the first site ive made. wooflbupy is actually my first!! made it back in 2022 as a fancier version of my rentry, but my indecisive ass couldnt stick to it 'cause i was just really unsatisfied with how it looked lol

i have coded before... except that was on scratch on the crappy computers we had in primary school. even then, i didnt get a chance to use scratch much because i had therapy for my autism on the days they let us use scratch. then i discovered deviantart in 2017, where i learnt a lot of the basics of html (shit like text formatting + linking). then i discovered toyhouse in 2019, where i learnt a little more about html and learnt a lot about css.
tumblr was what brought me back onto here, actually!! back in march 2023 i stumbled across cloverparty's themes while looking for a theme for my tumblr blog. i came across this theme, and i thought: "maybe i'll try neocities again... just for fun". as well as that, there were many sites i came across that inspired me to make this!! ive always loved the late 90s/early 2000s layout to sites... i highly doubt i will ever fully finish this site with how much i love to change shit around every now and then LOL

then in february 2024, i migrated my site over to nekoweb, and look where we are now!!! <3

that's... about it for me!!
if you read this far, you are awesome!! if you wanna learn more about me, refer to the other windows around this one :]



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names val/sango/feferi. anything goes
age seventeen :o] (june 8th is my bday!!)
pronouns they/it
gender non-binary/agender octolingboy
sexuality asexual
homestuck-specific info :o] knight of heart, derse dreamer, gemo
click me!!!!!! its my homestuck page on cohost!!!


mood The current mood of captaineight at www.imood.com
listening to death grips
reading sovstuck, probably
watching computer screen
playing splatoon, probably
eating nothing
drinking nothing


band death grips
song weird al - dare to be stupid
color pink :o]
animal seals + dogs
food cheddar cheese
drink milk :o]
character who's my comforter again??
game splatoon
media homestuck, sovstuck + splatoon

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/homestuck_blog.exe (also on cohost under the same name)

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