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☆ sitemap!! ☆

welcome to the wappydog cheat sheet!!
sites with a yellow dot are in need of revamping + sites with a red dot are unavaliable!!!

this page also serves as a mini to do list for me LOL

☆ sitely!! ☆
landing page - info + warnings about my site
homepage - self-explanatory!!
sitemap - you are currently here!!
qna - stuff that might be on your mind... (appears as a popup box!!)
archive - archive of my older layouts ^__^
resources - cool things i found for you to enjoy!!
credits - things that made my site look AWESOME!!!

☆ personal!! ☆
webpuppy - about val, creator of the site...
art + animations - a wittol archive of my art (2018 - now) and my animations (2017 - now) :]
mah ocs - my ocs and some info about them (most link 2 their toyhouses)
dream diary - a collection of the dreams ive had
music - some tunes i enjoy...
blog - aka my infodump corner. usually used to jot thoughts down
shrines - pages dedicated to things i love!!
planet vosidee - shrine dedicated to hebezunet's vosim and dee gijinka... i am normal for them two.....
marshie heaven - boy why you so FLUFFY
vosim's cozy corner - the chipspeech character that kept me alive
sony aibo ers-210 - from the first day you interact with aibo, it will become your new companion.
dah toybox - collection of all my little plushies...

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