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this page has a collection of dreams i had over the years, a lot of them i wrote down on discord, some are just from memory


val's thoughts: people have normal dreams??
12/9/2023: my nightmares are weird as fuck!!!!!!
i woke up in my dream to find it was completely pitch black in my room. there was an awful, cold breeze in my room. time felt really really slow. occasionally, i'd hear this nasty rattling sound that'd fade in + fade out after a few seconds; occasionally the noise would get louder. i tried all i could to get out of my room, but again, time just felt extremely slow. after a lot of struggling, i managed to get out. the moment i opened my door and got out, i woke up, feeling extremely groggy... :[

1/8/2023: this one was a wholesome dream o^__^o
so i remember waking up at this giant farm right outside this long, steep, giant hill. the sky was a beautiful purple/pink/coral color and i remember feeling... safe. happy, even. there was an old lady looking after the farm and she was the sweetest thing ever... i looked around for a bit and eventually came across my childhood dog: pepper!! i remember pepper was so happy to see me, i was happy to see her, i couldnt stop giving her all the doggy cuddles... the lady told me she was looking after her and she was happy on the farm...
fast forward near the end of the dream: my sister was now with me and we sat down for dinner. the lady prepared us a mouthwatering roast dinner for us... i remember how tasty it was (my autism cannot stand most of the food in a roast dinner LOL), i still remember the taste of the pork and the yorkshire pudding... :D
after that, we washed up the dishes (i remember my hands were covered in gravy!!). i realised the time, it was time for me to find my way home. i was leaving with my sister and the lady told me there were more dogs over the hill, but i'd have to walk up it if i wanted to see them. the dream ends there, thinking about it makes me happee <:]

22/7/2023: i remember i had a new bunk bed and it was the most comfortable thing ever... on the bottom bunk i turned it into a little nest/den :]
i remember i was talking with this character and i felt so warm and fuzzy inside...

21/7/2023: i was with heb's vosim jink and we were flying around and being epic above the pier (i live in a seafront city, i frequently go to the pier). i remember we had so much fun... :]
after that, we both rode the bus home and it felt like a rollercoaster ride :]

16/7/2023: i had 2 dreams today. one from a nap i had in the morning + one from a nap in the evening:
morning nap: we were in minecraft. i had an imac g3 (a blue one) that wasn't working. someone told me to send it over to otto mozer (yep, this one was a chip dream!!) who opened it up and found that everything had corroded inside. i remember he repaired it, and for some reason the mac was running windows 98?? after that, i was suddenly with nilered, who was building a logo of their name. i dont remember what he was saying but i remember it was linked to the imac that had corroded.
evening nap: i was at this giant plushie shop (we were in a warehouse with giant shelves full of plushies). i saw kids from my secondary school there and all of us were flying. i remember i got so excited that i almost took a shelf down, to which a security guard saw and gave me an angry look. i remember sulking about this.
i dont remember what happened in between, but i remember near the end of the dream i went to the back of the shop and found this slime block trampoline. heb was with me!! the both of us got onto the trampoline and out of nowhere the both of us were launched so fucking high into the clouds!! i felt amazing... the warm sun was on my face... but my stomach felt like it was still on the ground LMAO

12/7/2023: me and four (one of my friends from tumblr) helped me steal a claw machine with tons of pikachu plushies in it lol

18/5/2023: i was at asda, shopping with my mum, until suddenly, the fire alarm went off!!
shiver and frye from splatoon were there and i got too occupied talking to them that i didnt notice that there was a raging fire right behind them. eventually they escorted me out... but now i'm coming out of college and for some reason my mum was now an anime schoolgirl with pink hair and now she had a german shepherd?? we walked home... and then i woke up lol

2/3/2023: me, latte starbuck (latte's sona, they share the same name) and mica gx2 (also latte's oc) floated over a motorway for about an hour, all the way to this indoor swimming pool. i rememeber there was a part where the fire alarm went off, but other than that i dont really remember much about this one

15/2/2023: i dreamt my house burned down apparently, im only going off from what i said on discord lol

30/1/2023: my friend, latte, appeared in my dream for this one. he first came to my house with domino's pizza. i dont remember what happened after that, but at the end of the dream we both went to cex to buy splatoon plushies?? THEY DONT EVEN SELL PLUSHIES LMAO


val's thoughts: mostly chip dreams!! (spoiler boxes have tws for gore or suicide - some of my dreams are messed up D:)
25/12/2022: i only remember the end part of this dream.
i remember crying upon finding out i had died in my dream, and i remember becoming a beautiful christmas spirit...

16/11/2022: i was browsing on twitter and noticed my friend heb posted something with vosim jink in it!! the drawing was vosim jink and luigi from super mario... both going shopping?? i remember feeling so excited about seeing the post!!
later on in the dream, vosim jink became real. he started chasing me around at full fucking speed, but before he got me, i woke up lmao

22/10/2022: gore tw for this dream, highlight over spoiler boxes at your own risk!!
the night before this dream, i came across this mockup for splatoon's big run. somehow that mixed itself into my dream!!
i was watching something (i dont remember what), until it got hijacked. it started off with these really weird glitchy photos and shit as well as glitchy noise. i wasn't too bothered by this. but after about 20 seconds of that, vosim jink appeared on the screen. he slowly turned towards me with an angry expression on his face... then he fucking proceeded to scratch and pull off his fucking face. the screen froze for a few seconds before glitching to black. i remember the glitched screaming, how fucking gory it was (i could see every fucking detail oh my god), the unnaturally wide smile he had while he did it... that dream left me so fucking confused and upset LMFAO
i drew this one, but massive tw for gore (its uncolored, but still.)

21/10/2022: squidward's tiki land was playing in the first half of the dream lmao
i was watching princess daisy on her kart, chasing princess peach with a koopa shell on a very busy motorway/highway. daisy launches the koopa shell at peach but as soon it hits her, the dream transforms completely. now we're looking at vosim jink, who's being interviewed by brody foxx about yo mama jokes in this dimly lit lounge. vosim jink looked to be enjoying himself, i remember he was laughing a lot :D

1/8/2022: suicide tw for this dream, highlight over spoiler boxes at your own risk!!
i only remember two specific parts from this one. one of them was dee klatt, hanging from a noose. the other was marshmallow (my vosim jink lol), who had slit his own wrists in the bath. that dream made me feel really sick.

25/6/2022: this one isnt too detailed as i dont remember much from it, but i dreamt that vosim, lady parsec, voder and dandy returned to twitter!!
like i said i dont remember much but i remember they were talking about something funny :]

15/6/2022: i was going through this garden tunnel to get to my exam room with 2 other people with me. we come across these stairs that lead to this giant, infinite victorian-looking hall. we were so confused... one of the people i was with decided to run into the hall and the more i looked into the hall, the more weirder and distorted it became... i couldnt help but watch in confusion. the guy who ran in got chased out by dandy 704 and eventually went back to me. after all of that, dandy scolded the guy pretty bad!! then he turned to look at me, went up to me and started to encourage/motivate me!! he was being really kind and sweet to me :]

3/5/2022: i was going up this bridge that led to an alleyway, when i found vosim jink there, just chillin'. i remember talking to him, but the only thing i remember from that conversation is him asking me "can you help get my memories back...?".
after that i headed towards the mcdonalds like 5 minutes away from the alleyway (see the dream from 23/4/2020 - same mcdonalds), but for some reason it had been replaced with mushroom gorge. the sky was really starry and the mushrooms were spongy and star shaped :]

1/5/2022: this dream was strange because there was a place in it that kept on appearing in my previous dreams. i dont remember much from the other ones that had that place in it, but here's the one i remember the most details from:
the place i kept on dreaming about was a white building with a lot of windows. it looked old, but appeared to be well cared for. there were many trees of different types surrounding the building, and behind the building was a seemingly endless river full of algae and lilypads. in this dream, the building was the lab vosim was made in. i was watching over vosim for this one and he was trying to jump over the river. i remember the smell that came from the river which made me feel nostalgic... that's all i really remember.

15/4/2022: i was doing something (i dont remember what) and i heard yelling. i ignored it, and suddenly heard multiple stones go through my window (my window was open, no windows were broken lol). i check what the fuck's going on, and found that vosim jink and dee jink were standing outside my house. they were holding hands, staring at me, smiling unnaturally wide, not saying a single word. in my dream i just shut the window on them and closed my curtains as if it was a normal occurrence lol

5/4/2022: i saw this in my dream (the one linked is a remake of an old drawing from april 2022). it's not exactly accurate to what i saw so i'll just describe it lol:
dee jink was there, looking really worried (almost about to cry) and vosim jink was next to them, really concerned, smoking a cigarette. the background was yellow, the whole art was really really hazy and dreamlike (which is why the lineart is blue and red in the drawing). strange...

25/3/2022: my old sona otto took me to the beach where i met up with hatsune miku and bert gotrax, the tide was really high up, the sand was greyer than usual and there were a lot of hills in the sand... other than that, me, bert and miku had a lot of fun, i ran along the shore and let the water get at my feet, i even drew bert's face in the sand... :]

23/1/2022: the chiptwitters returned. i don't remember what they were talking about but it was a big event...
dandy became real later on in the dream, i asked him what happened between him and vosim back in august of 2015 but he didn't give me a straight answer :[


val's thoughts: didnt record many that year...
3/4/2021: i was on this plane with my geography class and the plane looked really weird, almost minecraft-like... then we were watching this really weird stage play of joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. after that finished we came across robbie rotten, and my whole class chased after him!! while i was chasing him i stumbled and fell into this padded cell covered in cheese dust, and im in a straightjacket for some reason?? i somehow get out and now im on the plane again. eventually we arrive at... my primary school?? it ends with me walking around, confused, being told my mum was in the playground, waiting for me...

13/2/2021: i was at the arcade with my dad, and we were heading back somewhere, i dont remember where. suddenly, i hear someone calling my name and this whole crowd outside the coach stop area outside the arcade. i went over to the area, curious, and found that it was mc ride from death grips, calling me!! i started stimming like mad and hugged him tight... it felt so good ^__^ (i know, very out of character from mc ride. but its a dream LMFAO)
now im at the fair with my dad and this other person all of a sudden. i wanted to play on the gudetama claw machine, but my dad wanted me to go on this claw machine full of spiky balls.
suddenly, we're tigers!! we go into one of the arcades at the fair and we go into this back door, leading to a balcony. now we're suddenly outside and the other arcade opposite the one we were in was turned into a toyshop, my sister's with me now (we also turned back into humans lol). i was trying to find the gudetama stuff; while i was finding it i saw my sister being told off by the shopkeeper...

14/1/2021: this one's a long and detailed one oh boy
it starts off with me at the dining table, playing on my dsi. i look up and noticed a trapdoor on the floor of the kitchen that wasn't there before (our ""dining room"" is just a small part of the living room that's connected to the kitchen). my mum, just as curious as i am, goes over to the trapdoor and opens it. inside that trapdoor... was a hand!! no, a whole person!! a whole person just climbed out of that small trapdoor!! that person... was jacob!! he notices me and just smiles at me. how sweet...
suddenly im at this museum place with jacob and my tutor class. it looked to be more like an art gallery than anything, but jacob showed us so many wonderful things... eventually we come up to this giant painting: it was the windows xp wallpaper. i was in awe of how beautiful it was, and next thing i know i'm in the fucking painting!! it was so beautiful... jacob told me he "made this painting" (he didn't, but hey its a dream anything is possible LMAO) which made me happier... everyone was happy and running around, me and my ex lie down together, letting the warm sun hit our face. we both talk about how amazing jacob is... eventually jacob got bored and we all went out of the painting. now we're at this arcade place!! i find some cool plushies: some miku ones, some sailor moon ones and even some gudetama ones!! i jumped into the basket full of gudetama plushies, just enjoying myself!! jacob notices, pats my head and smiles at me (he said something as well but i dont remember what).
eventually it's time to go home. jacob directs me to the lift that takes us to this meeting place before running off. i go into the lift and find he's already at the meeting place?? i approach "jacob" and he turns to me, smiling unnaturally wide. his eyes were leaking blood as well. i immediately knew it wasn't him, so i run as fast as i could. i run into other kids who were trying to find him, and eventually the lot of us find jacob. everything was lovely once again. :]
it doesn't end there. now i'm at asda for some reason and i find dee klatt!! i say hi to them and they say hi to me. while walking around, i come across this floating invisibility star. i touch it, and now dee's panicking!!! i run around to the far corner of asda and find one of my friends there, looking very stern and telling me off. except... they were telling me off in spanish?? it ends there, it was a very wholesome dream overall :]

4/1/2021: this one kinda starts off as a nightmare!!
i was in this really strange warehouse with my english class. one of my bullies starts to bully me and his mates join in, one of them pushes me into a pile of metal junk, the other starts to stab my leg with a blunt piece of metal. i struggle to run away and eventually i got to this door with a sign that said "spanish" above it. a teacher lets me in and there's these really tall shelves. i go through one of the aisles, and im suddenly spinning, speaking fluent spanish for some reason (i barely know spanish irl LMAO)?? i come across my ex's spanish class and they're in 2 lines, i spot my ex and i sit behind her.
all of a sudden i'm in a classroom with my ex's spanish class and i was told to do this portfolio. i try to ask for help but i see my ex and one of my friends using this shiny blue card and ribbon (making their portfolio with arts and crafts??), too busy working on their portfolio. i look around and everyone else was doing the same, with different colored card and ribbon. confused out of my mind, i try to go onto a pc but it boots into this weird windows 10 + ubuntu fusion operating system...


val's thoughts: this was a strange year...
2/11/2020: my nan was giving me and my sister some furbies (they were furby booms). i was playing with mine for a while, when all of a sudden these people break into my room, telling me they found us through the spy devices they put into the furbies we were given. i fled from my house away from them, and i bumped into this person who looked like minecraft steve. i tell them what happened and steve digs down like a fox to this bright bunker, and i was told this place was where we'd hide from the people who broke into my home. i look around and came across vosim, who, for some reason, had really big human-like eyes, and they were green?? the people who broke into my home found our bunker, and after a lot of fighting we defeated those people!! vosim's eyes went back to normal after that :]
now i'm at tescos for some reason with the SMG4 crew, it ends when a thief just casually takes the building and traps us inside LMAO

1/11/2020: i was doing PE with my teacher at my secondary school, when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off. we walked out as we would during a fire drill, and i came across this guy (as well as some sonic the hedgehog looking characters) who told me that we could head over to the co-op to get some food. i went with them, but realised shortly we weren't going to the co-op. we arrive at this abandoned place, and we explore for a while. one of the sonic looking characters came across this strange artifact: a giant spiral ramp made of rusting metal. the people i'm with go up the ramp, but my gut screamed at me to stay where i was. in the corner of my eye, i could barely make out this purple figure, but whenever i looked the figure would hide. as usual, i didn't think much of it. eventually we went back to school... except my school was suddenly my primary school. it's lunchtime now, there were kids everywhere!! the dream ends with me and the people i was with climbing over the fence to get back in.

20/9/2020: i was getting ready to go out with my mum, i dont remember where we were going...
when we finished getting ready, we went out and for some reason, vosim and dee were waiting for me?? weird... anyways. me, my mum, vosim and dee walked towards this mud path. i walked first and suddenly i slipped and my back got covered in mud. i told my mum about it and she got me cleaned up. after that, we walked to this bus stop. one of the teachers from my secondary school was there and he told me to write a statement about the incident with the mud path. after that, our bus arrives, and my mum takes me on it (vosim and dee disappeared D:). i eventually arrive at this weird place where all my science teachers from secondary school were, there were cages full of weird animals and birds, some were made to look like clowns...

5/9/2020: i was at this amusement park, and i found there was a new rollercoaster... designed by kittydog?? since when did she make rollercoasters?? this one was odd: the car was this giant box with this opening at the front!! i didnt think much of it and got on with a few other kids from my school. the ride starts, and i remember all of us were pushed back when we went up. but when we went down, all of us fell out. as for me?? for some reason i had a blanket with me and i used it as a parachute to get down to the ground safely (we were really high up). i was the one who had to deliver the news that the ride was closed because of that.
suddenly im at this park with my dad, and we were going home. when we got home, i noticed the house looked really different... but there was a bowl of cheese there!! how cool is that?? and then im back at my primary school and saw my ex and her brother in the playpark part of the playground. i leave my primary school... and now im suddenly running towards my ex, her brother and her mum at the park i was at before, her mum told me she wanted to do something. that was cut short because her dad appeared out of nowhere... with a box-shaped motorbike!! it ended with me seeing a really venomous spider on the motorbike.

23/7/2020: i was at the arcade, playing claw machines, until i noticed this strange door that i hadn't seen before. i went through the door out of curiosity and i was suddenly in cyan miiverse (the background was warawara plaza but with miiverse themes to it). i had a cq-80 in my hand and i used it to look at some verified miiverse posts. what the fuck, vosim's an admin on miiverse!? i yeahed one of his posts and he appeared next to me!! he took me into a part of miiverse with this glowing cyan bench and we talked for a while (we became best friends :D). suddenly, he gasped, and told me to go back through the door with him quickly. we ran out of miiverse, then out of the arcade, and about 20 seconds after we left the arcade it exploded?? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!

4/7/2020: i was walking home with my dad after being at my nan's, and my old pet rat (his name is dave), who was the size of a tiger for some reason, appeared in front of me. i gave dave an apple and all of a sudden he grew to the size of a two-storey house, and started chasing me!! i ran as fast as i could, but eventually he caught up and bit me. then i ran supersonic fast to my house. wow!!

24/6/2020: i was in my bed, sleeping softly... except for some reason i was a pikachu. suddenly, i start to hear footsteps. familiar footsteps. standing at my doorway was vosim, looking all scary for some reason. i was so so so scared... he slowly walked over to my bed, leaned over to me, just. staring. this freaked me out even more... but after like 5 minutes he just said "bazinga" and left. wow.
after that, im suddenly at tescos with the 1:1 i had in my infant school. 10 minutes in, i started to see red flashing lights; the fire alarm was going off. an announcement told us to leave at the fire escape, so we both walked over to that area. when we got outside, we were made to form a line. two of my bullies were next to me (and there was another one in the line not next to me), and for some reason there was a giant grizzly bear patrolling the line, screaming at anyone who tried to step out of it.
im suddenly teleported to this random garage in some desolate place, my nan was there and she was getting me ice cream!! the guy who ran the place, todd, told me that vanilla ice cream was £8 and i get out my purse. for some reason it took me like 10 minutes to get £8 from my purse (it was a small cat pouch one)

11/6/2020: i was at the residential centre i went to in year 5 and i was just about to fall asleep. morning came and i was given the news i was going home today. here's the weird part: when i went outside, i was suddenly at a zoo?? there were cats (yes, ordinary cats, not tigers. CATS.) in these giant enclosures looking really scary and climbing the bars, but this person took out a cat and let me pet them. they were... oddly soft... like a chinchilla.
after that, i walk for a little while, only to find im at chessington, more specifically by the carousel. fast forward a little while later, im getting on this coach to go home. for some reason, kitso got on as well and he decided to sit next to me!! how cool is that??

23/4/2020: it starts off with me being at the old playplace about 10 minutes from my house with my sister. eventually i go up to the big swirly slide they had there, only to find vosim was blocking the entrance to the slide. i asked him to move out of the way, to which he gave me a really dirty look and said "no". i gave up trying and went over to the rope bridge, and out of nowhere i suddenly fell through a hole into the ballpit underneath the bridge.
eventually my sister and i leave with my dad and when we got outside, a figure suddenly fell through the sky. that figure falling somehow caused coronavirus?? um... not thinking much of it, we head over to the mcdonalds near the playplace, to which it was empty. i asked why it was so empty, and the cashier said it was because of corona. again, i didnt think much of it, and decided to have mcdonalds. we left mcdonalds, only to find we were suddenly in the city centre (there's a mcdonalds there too), i walk around for a while (not realising my dad and my sister had been replaced with this stranger) eventually heading over to the car park just behind the mcdonalds.
a car was waiting for me, and inside the car was... kitso!? i got into the car and suddenly we were at full speed, going through a road that had a loop in it (like a rollercoaster). this went on for ages, and eventually we got home. i ran out of the car, my mum greeting me as well as... a chihuahua?? since when did we get a chihuahua?? the chihuahua started licking me, which was all fun and games until i got into my house. as soon as i got in, the chihuahua tried to bite my nose many times.
that's it, that's the dream LOL


dreams i remember having but i dont remember the exact date of
sometime in late 2022: i only remember the end part...
me, my friends and some random kids gathered around this little fire with heb's vosim jink. i remember he started singing a little christmas song to us... i dont remember what he was singing but his voice sounded so heavenly...

sometime in 2022: i only remember the end part for this one.
i was with a group of people (one was dressing as rotten.st) and we were at my nan's. she wasnt happy to see us there and eventually she chased us out. we just thought that was funny!! the sky was a beautiful dim orange and i remember we ran to this model shop (which was shut). i don't remember what happened after that, but i remember i floated my way home, outside the house i lived in before 2013. i slowly floated down, snoopy waiting for me. he was comforting me, but i couldnt understand a thing he was saying. it was a nice dream that left me really relaxed when i woke up :]

sometime in 2022: i was floating for the entirety of this dream. at the end, i floated all the way home. i felt amazing...

sometime in 2021(?): vosim and i think rotten.st were my parents in a dream one time lol