☆ sparkle on!! it's christmas. don't forget to be jolly!! ☆

MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! yes i know its boxing day here but IT COUNTS
ive mentioned before that i fucking LOVE christmas. and tonight i wanna show you guys what i got!! im really happy with what i got =^__^=
firstly, i got these two build-a-bears. mew comes with a little cape which is seen below :o]

then i got this new fennekin plushie. im really happy with them as i have an older fennekin plushie from like. 2016?? i'll show you guys them someday :oD

oh yeah, did i ever mention that im REALLY into furbies?? i got the smyths-exclusive rainbow furby!! mirabel (the purple furby on the right) finally has a friend!! i'll put batteries in them someday, ive not had space to play with any of my robo-pets :'o[
unsure what to name the rainbow one. i was thinking daisy...

from my nan and my dad, i got these two plushies here. i love the tanuki so much omg (the kitty looks so goofy i love them as well :oD)

i also got these cool looking joycons!! i also bought minecraft bedrock edition, pesterquest, hiveswap friendsim and little misfortune!! >:o]

^ these dont actually work with splatoon 3, as i rely on motion controls.
BUUUUUUUT i can use them on the other games i got!! they're comfy to hold!!

oh yeah, i mentioned splatoon, didnt i?? say hi to my deep cut amiibos!! did you know the big man amiibo is slightly translucent?? really cool lol
i wanna get the callie and marie amiibos to complete the splatoon idol set. i have pearl and marina as well (i got them in christmas 2022!!) :o]

eevee slippers anyone?? these are so fucking comfortable OH MY GOD.

and last but not least, the best present ive gotten. SOME OHUHU MARKERS!!!!!!!!
i wouldve gone for copic if they werent a bajillion pounds per a what. a 6 pack?? i heard ohuhu markers are really good and i wanna try them out when i next get motivation to draw >:o]

i also got a kenji notebook, a cute pencil case + a cute pen, but i didnt show them here as theyre more minor gifts LOL

overall, this christmas was really good!! i was really anxious for this christmas as i didnt know if it'd be a good one, but im happy with the stuff i got!!
this blog post will probably be the last one for this year, so if you're reading this, i hope all of you had a good christmas if you celebrate it, otherwise, happy holidays and a very happy new year!! =^__^=

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posted on dec 26th '23 @ 21:02 GMT