☆ christmas. my favourite season!! ☆

december is upon us!! that white-haired guy is after me and hes saying shit about giving "presents"?? lol
i love christmas so so so much. its my favourite season. in fact, december is usually the month where i feel the happiest!! shit starts feeling cozier. i start feeling cozier :o]

uhh. not much to say here. i hope you guys are enjoying the homestuck gifs im chucking around here lol (my top favourites are nepeta, karkat and feferi!!)
site-wise, i plan on making a new layout soon. the new layout is wappydog v6, and its gonna be really cool and shit!! ive just been trying to plan a new layout for it but someday, hopefully this month, it'll be public >:o]

uhhhhh. stan vosim chipspeech :o]

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posted on dec 8th '23 @ 19:20 GMT