☆ the motherfuckers have been running around in my head ☆

im surprised i havent really mentioned the new shit with the chipjinkas. especially since they are all i'm thinking about.

october 10th was when i got the notification that heb posted. came to check it out and WHOOOOP: VOSIM AND DEE JUMPSCARE. i was literally fucking stunned for a moment. i couldnt move for a moment cuz i was just there processing this. next thing i know i was massively happy-stimming around my room. i felt like i was dreaming cuz chipjinka content was on my feed LMAO
for anyone who has not caught up on val lore, i (for some reason) hyperfixate on my friend heb's chipjinkas (chipspeech gijinkas), namely his vosim gijinka (he/they) and dee gijinka (they/them). you can see what they both look like here, here and here :o]
i started hyperfixing on vosim jink (or lil guy. or lil baby man) almost immediately after heb first chucked him onto twt. that was back in march of 2022. vosim jink became a huge comfort during many dark times of my life and now he's here in my brain screaming at me to stop scrolling through 2020/2021 chiptwt/chipblr...... dee came around not long after. in fact i started hyperfixating on them after a dream i had with them in it. the two jinks have both worked hard to keep me happy lol

anyways. there's more of them now. more jinks. been thinking about voder jink, sam jink and bert jink especially lol which brings me to the whole chipjinka au. we're in the fucking 90s babey
quoting this from heb btw. basically most of the jinks work in a really shit non-descript office. we got parsec, who is the ceo of the company. spencer is the district manager who shows up at random + scares the living crap out of everyone. otto is the boss of the branch that the chips work in. we got sam, dandy, voder, cidertalk, vosim and dee (and i think sprachmor is in there too lol) working under otto. terminal is the fruity mailman for the company. since this is set in the 90s ive been doing a ton of research on what shit was like in the 90s. i learnt that vosim's a die-hard pokemon fan and he even fucking assigned everyone @ the office a pokemon!!! check that out hereeeee :o]

these fucking jinks are the only thing i think about now. hyperfixes are crazy cuz what the fuck do you mean ive been drawing vosim jink and dee jink for almost 2 years straight.
i need to start working on planet vosidee again. i'll figure out something for its layout. i might even make a shrine site for the au if i feel motivated enough :o]

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posted on nov 8th '23 @ 01:17 GMT