☆ last night was a strange night. ☆

the gif is not related to the shit im gonna be talking about by the way. this is actually quite a serious topic im gonna be diving into, actually.

so. i tend to talk about my experiences with the fandom, alongside the bitch known as gl1tchygreml1n. all of that shit i say about her is usually public. if you are out of the loop, she's an abuser. she abused my friends. she has a history of transphobia and STILL continues to associate with transphobic assholes. check the callout carrd if you wanna know more.

why am i bringing her up, you might ask?? well. last night, i found out that i was a victim of her abuse.
one of her ex-friends revealed that to me, and ive just been processing this shit slowly. here, have some snippets of the conversation.

HUGE TW for what im gonna say next. all of this is aimed @ gremlin.

man. i dunno what to say.
gremlin fucking posed as a minor running a chipspeech gimmick account, proceeded to befriend me, gain my fucking trust, then fuck me up completely the moment i critisized her for "supporting gremlin" (keep in mind i didnt know yuzu was her). and for what?? to prove a point that was disproven by MULTIPLE people months ago??
we aren't "ruining the fandom", love. we simply wanted you out of here cuz you caused enough damage to everyone. you ran multiple people out of the fandom. you ruined my safespace at the time. and you still cry about how you're the fucking victim. we aren't fucking fools. you've pulled your "pity me" card so many times that people have started to see through your bullshit. you're not exactly smart for someone who abuses people (and minors too, which makes it ten times worse), hm??
i was barely 16. barely. you fucked me up the day after i turned 16. you fucking planned to ruin me. you knew my insecurities and used them against me when i cut you off. you knew exactly how to break me. you're a fucking disgusting evil bastard, and i hope hell is extra hot for you.

when you eventually see this, are you gonna cry to your followers that im somehow the abuser?? that somehow all of this is my fault?? that you're the victim??
proof of your bullshit's out there. "this is the internet. what happens on it, stays on it". isn't that what your friend said?? :o]

rant over, i think.
on a nicer note, ive been getting a lot of support from my friends in the chip discord + some former members. ive been trying to take it all easy now.
think im gonna be okay. maybe. wait for a while before i start breaking down over this shit (delayed emotions my beHATED)

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posted on nov 7th '23 @ 13:55 GMT