☆ things have been a lot recently ☆

i have found out a lot of bad stuff today.
firstly, i found out that the 3ds and wii u's online services are gonna die in april next year. that might not sound too bad, but when youre me, who grew up with the ds and was your distraction from arguments happening downstairs from your parents, it really does hit quite hard!!! luckily, there's pretendo network, which i managed to set up on my 2ds xl, and soon i will set it up on my wii u when i hack it.
secondly, there's been stuff going around about anti-trans laws being chucked into the uk. that has made me quite scared!! i dont know how to explain my fears right now, im really not in a good state right now :'[

bundled up with personal shit, everything has been a lot. the power was also out for a fucking weekend last week which has really made me overwhelmed for most of this week. ive been sleeping most of this week, i mean i sleep all the time anyways but yknow...

on the brighter side, i made this!!
at college, we made some pompoms out of wool and some cardboard!! it was fun, but it really beat up my index finger because the cardboard kept on catching on my finger as i was wrapping it around... x__x
my pompom came out really wonky, so i improvised and made this little creature out of it. his name is scrunkle (thank my friend for giving him that name), and he has no thoughts in his brain :]

other cool things: bert gotrax's birthday is on october 18th, halloween is soon, i even infodumped to an online friend about chipspeech the other day (although it cost me a lot of energy LOL)!! i hope to get into sovereignstuck's discord when i build up enough courage!! i will not make the same mistake like i did with chipspeech.

im rambling on. thats what happens when im stressed out of my mind LOL
sitewise, i did quite a lot!! the sitely pages have all been revamped!! the about page, dream diary, this blog page and some others will be revamped soon!! planet vosidee has slowly began making progress again too :]c

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posted on oct 5th '23 @ 02:39 BST