☆ this blog isnt dead i swear ☆

hello again, neocities blog... loooong time no see >:]
the last blog post i made was a vent and since then i think ive been doing alright?? ive mostly felt a combination of numbness and tiredness as of recent, but ive been coding during the time ive been awake to kill off the time... coding is really fun and i hope one day i can make a layout for myself that isnt from a base... (thats right, wappydog v1 to v4 has been running off bases i really heavily modify)

yknow... ive been thinking about some shit. my whole thing with lil guy and deejink... i wonder why my hyperfixation grew so fucking strong with those two jinks?? especially with lil guy... the day heb posted lil guy onto twt, i knew there was a hyperfixation coming. but why?? what was it about lil guy that made me hyperfixate on him so strongly?? deejink is explainable: they appeared in my mind shortly after my vosidee hyperfixation started brewing. but lil guy... hmm......
what's funny about me is that... i will associate random things with lil guy. tahiti tv by vektroid?? fuck yeah that reminds me of him. weather channel tunes from the 90s?? yup, thats lilguycore. oop, some character from a movie looks like lil guy (i had this with cheech + chong. maybe i should properly check it out, IF MY BRAIN LETS ME)?? we're hyperfixating on that next BABEY!!!!!!!!! hey, this gives off lil guy vibes!! you get the picture.

i really need to make some more lil guy art. problem is, ive not been at college, so ive not been drawing him much again. the most recent one was yesterday, in response to something REAAAAAALLY gross:

^ unless you wanna puke, do not search up chipspeech on AO3. give this poor boy some bleach :[
heb, if youre reading this, sorry for using lil guy in such a cursed situation LOL

this is really off-topic, but if youve been around me on twt, i refer to myself as an octoling. this was something i started doing to help understand my gender a lil bit... i dont use xenogenders (although i support them!! shout out to the xenogender/neopronoun users on here!!!!!) but referring myself to those terms makes me feel better about my identity, im a non-binary octoling, babey!!!!!!!!!!
ughhhhh... im running out of things to say... neocities-related: soon im gonna be working on "planet vosidee", a shrine + art archive to lil guy and deejink!! ive planned out the layout already, i hope you guys will like it when i eventually release it >:]

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posted on aug 16th '23 @ 22:28 BST