☆ i fucking found it. now i can sleep in peace!! ☆

this is part 2 to this!! go check it out for some context >:]
today, i went to the shop that had that movie cover. last week, i couldnt seem to find it as the shop had moved everything around. but... I FOUND IT TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaand i remembered most of it wrong. LOL

^ i got one thing right though!! remembered the face!!!

so the background was yellow, not white as i remembered. and the text was on the bottom. and it's a movie related to weed?? cool.
i probably wont watch this, my autism is only focused on the guy on the right LOL (from future you: dude. his name is tommy chong.) my brain's just like that. do you guys ever get obsessed with movie covers and not the movie itself?? or am i just a weirdo??

looking at it makes me stim though... probably because i associated him with lil guy the 2st LMAO WHY DO I DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted on jul 29th '23 @ 17:20 BST (updated nov 7th '23 @ 20:11 GMT)