☆ haha bricked 3ds go wheeeee ☆

^ gsp is the backlight process. but this happened right after i defeated professor kukui on pokemon sun.
guess who had to do the battle all over again!!

while looking for a new special interest after my chipspeech one died, a new one was forming in the background. however, it was something... i wasn't expecting.
ever since i think late 2022, ive been facinated by 3ds errors, more specifically the luma3ds exception handlers and the dreaded bootrom 8046 screen. it even had me trying to understand the 3ds' hardware. i barely understand any of it LMAO

luma3ds replaces the original stock error screens with its own so its much more easier to understand:

^ errdisp screen. replaces the stock black-screen-white-text error. now you have an error code!!

^ luma3ds exception handler. handles errors more complex than errdisp. i get them all the time on tomodachi life LOL
(this one happened when i tried to access the gts. dont use the gts on xy/oras, its fucked.)

^ not sure what these ones are called. need to research these errors more.
this specific error is usually fixed by peforming a ctrtransfer.

a lot of this shit is stuff im learning from here and gbatemp. pretty cool, huh??
there was a strange error that i came across one time back in december of 2022. i'll show you what happened:

"a while ago, i got this error when i went to shutdown my 2ds xl: [processor: arm11 (core 1), exception type: prefetch abort (kernel panic), fault status: debug event, current process: socket]. this error was strange because my ds shut off on its own after this (the power light didn't fade off like it would when you'd shut it down normally, it just. shut off), and when i turned it back on, it gave the same error again, where i was able to save the crash dump. i learnt later that kernel panic linked to potential hardware problems, but no errors like this had happened after that."

if an error is core 1 or core 3 (or even core 2 or core 4??) and its a process ive not heard of before, i'll be there on google like "[process] service 3dbrew" LOL

anyways, time for me to talk about my top favourite: the dreaded bootrom 8046 error:

^ image taken from here. this error corresponds to a dead nand chip (the system memory). :[

the bootrom 8046 screen, also known as the blue screen of death, appears when the 3ds can't find a suitable firmware to boot into. think of it like the windows bootloader. i can't seem to find much info about many of these errors as 3dbrew only shows a few errors out of like, many possible errors LOL
im pretty sure this part here is where the 3ds bootloader tried to access. i could be really wrong (if i am, please tell me!!) here. ive seen different combinations of these: 00F800FE, 00FE00FE, 02F800FE, 02F8CFFF, etc... there's so many ive found on the internet...
ive noticed a pattern in these errors. errors that end in FE and EF on the 2nd row are usually hardware related. errors that end in FF or EE seem to be software related... the worst errors of them all are 00F800FE 00000000 00000000 00000400 00000000 (nand chip cant be detected, whether thats because its missing or fried) and in some cases, 00F800FE 00000000 00000000 00000200 00000000 (usually a success code for 3ds hardmodding, but can also correspond to a dead nand chip if you havent hardmodded it). basically any error that has "00000000" on the third row means your 3ds is dead.

also... this. this makes me really curious... i cant find anything about this error:

^ that's on the official nintendo website. hmm...

i reckon there's info about it somewhere. i think... hmm......

i almost forgot to mention. this isn't 3ds related, but did you know the dsi has its own bootloader error?? it has two, actually!!
this one happens on bootstage1. pretty much the equivalent of the bootrom 8046 error (0000fe00 is the dsi equivalent of error code 400 on the 3ds)...

this one happens on bootstage2. i dont know much about this one (not much is known about the dsi's bootloader anyways), sadly... according to dsibrew, this one means "dsi menu integrity checks failed". maybe a corrupt dsi menu??

anyways, ive infodumped a LOT on this blog post.
not sure what im gonna do from here for my site. im really wanting to start on the vosim jink archive page. maybe a new 404 page or a new landing page... so much to DO!!!!!! ;___;

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posted on jul 26th '23 @ 21:58 BST