☆ shit ive seemed to notice about my memories ☆

UPDATE 29/7/23: fucking found it!! check the blog post i made here!!! >:]

when i was younger, my memory used to be amazing. i remember i used to be complimented for my amazing memory at school by my teachers, and it was a huge advantage when i was doing my SATS exam there (exam you take before you leave year 6).
nowadays, my memory has gotten worse. ive endured a lot of shit the past few years and i question if half the memories that disappeared are because i blocked it out LOL

but... enough with my past. im writing this blog because... ive noticed something.
for the life of me, i cannot remember half the maths i learned in secondary school (or those memories are hiding away LOL). however, i remembered something i saw at a shop. i dont remember if it was an album, a movie cover, or what, but. it was something.
it looked to be two faces that i believe were traced over in black on a white background. the face on the left... i dont seem to remember the expression. but the face on the right... i remember clearly. i am not good with describing things, so i drew the face out (im using hebs vosim gijinka as a little model here for the expression on the face):

"this face has been burned into my head for weeks now. i saw it on an album(?) cover while i was out a few weeks ago and i just can't stop thinking about it!!"

i remember there was text on top, but i was kinda far away so i couldnt exactly make it out. my dumbass didnt think to take a fucking picture either!!
what i think made it stand out to me was that the face on the right heavily reminded me of lil guy. i have a thing where if i see something that my brain associates with lil guy, that thing will be burned into my head for god knows how long. i had it with the song "tahiti tv" by vektroid. i think that's pretty crazy!!

i think i'll find it again one day. i swear ive seen the thing before. i remember i was obsessed with making lil guy look like that.
until now, i dont think im gonna worry about it too much until i see it again. i go to that shop almost every saturday anyways, so!! who knows... :]

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posted on jul 26th '23 @ 02:16 BST (updated jul 29th '23 @ 17:22 BST)