☆ vosim took over my brain for a billion years!! WOW!!! ☆

^ art from 20/5/22... im still proud of it...

this was due to be posted LMAO i could not leave this blog without a trace of my comforter...

when i was in the chipspeech fandom, i was known as the person who had that whole obsession with vosim from chipspeech. i'd draw him constantly, in fact most of my late 2021/early 2022 art consisted of vosim. it still does now!! kinda...??
vosim has a lot to explain for my current personality. so does bert. and dee. people irl have said i do act like vosim in a way, but i guess thats my autism stealing personalities from fictional characters LOL

vosim... when i first got into chipspeech (mid 2020), i'd feel nervous looking at him. even thinking about him. what i didnt know was that this was just him forming as a comforter. the start of heaven.
when i stumbled across chiptwt (or ploguetwt, as i call it), i remember being bombarded with rert ( x bert gotrax) content. i loved it all!! but i was wondering where the fuck vosim was. why didnt people give him as much attention like they would with rotten and bert?? WHERE WAS VOSIM?????

^ live 2020 val reaction (this pikachu's called genghis lol)

there was a whole chipspeech roleplay thing going on at the time on twitter. i only came around the tailend of the twitter roleplay, however i was there to witness some gutwrenching shit. OH MY GOD.
one of my treasured memories goes a little like this: it's the morning of october 8th 2020 (almost 7am, as i had school), its calm and cold, but comforting. i check my phone and find that dee, spencer and otto had just posted. i see that... dee had found vosim dead. HUGE WAVE OF EMOTION. im there, messaging my ex, that vosim would be coming back soon. life felt simple back then...

anyways, i'm going on and on about kinda irrelevant shit!! this is about vosim, my comforter. well. comforters. did you know i had like 2 or 3 versions of vosim set as my comfort character??
vosim became a comforter properly around mid 2021 (he started forming as one in mid 2020, took him long enough to form!!). then for a few months in early 2022, it was my vosim gijinka. my vosim gijinka, who i call marshmallow/marshie/onglydoople, ended up becoming his own character after i left the chipspeech fandom. hes a comfort oc now!! isn't that cool??
anyways, the main shit. from late march/early april 2022 onwards, heb's vosim gijinka stole the spotlight. heb's vosim gijinka, who i call lil guy the 2st/skrunkly/mocha/lil baby man, is still in my mind to this day. same goes for heb's dee jink (dee came later on, like a few months later)!! i need to make a blog post dedicated to the two at some point. by the way, heb knows about my hyperfixation on his jinks, hes okay with it :]

im going to be working on a shrine for lil guy and deejinka soon. they'll be getting their own art archive as well!! im still thinking of layouts to make for it. :]

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posted on jul 25th '23 @ 20:30 BST