🌈⭐ head empty ⭐🌈

im a robo-dog obsessed thing who draws and animates sometimes :]


HELLO THERE!! welcome to my silly little website... :]
if you're stumbling across this now, EVERYTHING IS CURRENTLY WIP.

everything will look nicer as i develop this little thing...


🌈⭐ UPDATE LOG :] ⭐🌈


21/5/2023: hello to anyone who still checks this site!! my depression hasnt been acting great again which has left me unmotivated to do a lot of shit, i havent forgotten about this site!!!
i plan on redoing the sidebar (and maybe the entire layout, actually) because i dont really like how it looks right now :[

29/4/2023: i didnt forget about this site lol ive been unmotivated to work on it :[
i plan on making a better button for my site lol but for now ive wanted to finish the shrine for the sony aibo and maybe make one for my own aibo ;]

5/4/2023: vosim shrine needs fixing up, started creating the sony aibo shrine ^__^

3/4/2023: val had a very long depressive episode and it lead to them being unmotivated 2 finish this page....
i am working on a shrine for vosim, you can check it out here if you want to :] (why are neocities pages much more fun to make than carrds?? O_o)

20/3/2023: button has been made (check the about me page!!)... :]
i know im rambling on about shit here but still.....

19/3/2023: guess who's working on their about page finally ^__^
so um. yeah. i added a buncha cool things 2 it!! next up is the shrines page ^__^

17/3/2023: added credits + shrine page (which is STILL being worked on LOL), spruced up the link table thingy, now time to get off my lazy ass and maybe finish my about page LOL

16/3/2023: i created this SILLY page for my SILLY self... everything looks shit rn and im using a base because i know jackshit about html apart from the basics... LOL
i added a bunch of WACKY EFFECTS to some elements, i know its not much but HEY!!! THIS IS MY WEBSITE I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT WITH IT!!! >:]


check out my guestbook while you're at it lol (click the aibo!!)

i put a view counter here too ISNT THAT COOL!!! :D
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