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♡ people i think you should check out!! ♡

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my buttons!!

💿 88x31 buttons 💿

link back to me with these (more buttons coming soon)... :o]
i dont care if you hotlink, but i do recommend uploading to your own server for convenience!!

let me know if you link back 2 me if you want!! i'd love to see your site as well!! =^__^=

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cool people!!

💿 people on neocities + nekoweb 💿

A button leading to nonkiru.art. jubiland
many are neocities + nekoweb neighbours, some are friends, others are sites i think are cool!! :o]

💿 art inspos 💿

my art inspos aren't on neocities (afaik), but i thought to feature them here as well!!
click on the pixels to be taken to their places =^__^=