⭐ credits!!

☆ credits!! ☆

the sites listed below are what helped me make this site!! its also stuff you can use too ^__^

☆ main stuff!! ☆

these helped me make my site :]

7.css (for the win7 themed pages)
wappy pixels by me!! others from tumblr, pagedeco, gifcity, etc.
tammi pagedolls by me :]
imgur (for image hosting)
catbox (also for image hosting)
LINE (for most of the pagedolls)
me running off 4 hours of sleep + a picture of lil guy

☆ helping hands!! ☆

these helped make my site look nice and cool :]

mdn web docs
...and me fucking around with my stuff w/ inspect element!!

☆ img animations!! ☆

these helped me make my pictures go wheeeee :]

tilting images
floating images
bounce on hover
growing images
shaking images
spinning images

☆ text effects!! ☆

these helped me make my headers go wheeeee :]

floating text
growing text
tilting text
wobbly text
rainbow glowing text
rainbow text on hover
rainbow gradient text

i hope these help you w/ your sitebuilding!! ^__^